GloboStar® 80042 SONOFF 433-REMOTE-R2 – RF 433MHz Remote Controller 4 Button/Key with Battery



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The RF Remote is a 433MHz Wireless 4 Buttons Push Cover Remote which RF remote controls the learning code wall switch, plug seat or extention socket. The RF controller fits for all those 433Mhz controlled devices. The wireless RF remote suitable for long distance and multiple switch control. The remote controller can be compatible with our W and N Series intelligent switch.

Note: Currently international freight increases the freight costs of import of products with batteries. To lower freight costs of your package, this remote controller doesn’t come with batteries into package. Sorry for any inconvenience that may be caused.

This product can work with our smart home products: SONOFF RFR2, SONOFF SlampherR2, SONOFF 4CHPROR3, SONOFF RF Bridge 433, SONOFF TX.

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