GloboStar® 87001 JOYROOM Originals S-1224K1 Καλώδιο Φόρτισης Fast Charging Braid iPhone 1.2M 20W από Type-C / USB-C σε 8 Pin Lightning με Πλεκτό Κόκκινο




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Technical Specifications

  • Name: PD Braided data cable
  • Έκδοση USB: USB 2.0
  • Τύπος: Regular
  • Ακροδέκτης: B Lightning
  • Μήκος: 1,2 m
  • Χρώμα: Κόκκινο
  • Ampere 2,4 A
  • Current: Type-C to Lightning 2.4A
  • Material: Zinc alloy + nylon braided
  • Function: Transmission/charging
  • Applicable models: Lightning
  • Cable weight: 32g
  • Packing weight: 60g
  • Package size: 90 * 30 * 140mm

Εγγύηση: 1 Χρόνο

1. It uses zinc alloy material, unique shape alloy in-mould forming, and can be resistant to shelling and breaking
2. It can resistant to thousands of swing and bending tests
3. PD fast charging, high speed charging your device in the whole process
4. Intelligent chip, no virtual current, and can provide full battery protection from damage
5. It can fully compatible with the latest iOS system, one cable can meet all your charging needs, no need to change the cable to charge the various devices
6. Zinc alloy shell, it can be resistant to daily wear
7. The Type-C to Lightning cable supports fast charging the iPhone, and it can be up to 20W

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