Ksix Clima Sensor temperature and Humidity


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Clima Sensor is a temperature and humidity sensor that allows you to
monitor indoor and outdoor environments. Pair it with your mobile
device via Bluetooth with the Air Comfort app to check how the
temperature and humidity are.

You can link up to 16 Clima Sensor devices in order to control them
from a single mobile device. You can set the optimal temperature and
humidity range in each Clima Sensor and receive notifications of the
temperature and humidity quality.


* Bluetooth 4.0
* Temperature sensor: -25 Centigrad to 70 Centigrad
* Temperature sensor accuracy: at 25grads ± 0.5 grads
* Humidity sensor range: 0% to 100%
* Humidity sensor accuracy: at 70% ± 4.5%
* Battery type: CR2354 (3V)
* Battery duration: Up to 1.5 years
* Operation range: 10 meters
* Requires Air Comfort app from Tektos. Available at iTunes Store and
Google Play
* Compatible: iOS 7.1 and higher, Android 4.3 and higher

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