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Croc & Play is a creative interaction kit that allows you to transform
almost any common object into keys that send information to the
computer in the same way as the keyboard and the mouse.

This product is designed for beginners and experts on interactive
fields such as videogames, digital arts and robotics. You can create
fruit pianos, clay gamepads, interactive surfaces and anything you can

Technical Specifications
* 1 Croc & Play board with 17 inputs
* 1 Mini USB- USB 2.0 cable
* 10 alligator cables
* 10 jump cables male-male
* Compatible with Mac OS, Windows, Linux and most of Android devices
with OTG
Meet Croc & Play

The Croc & Play board has 17 inputs and Ground. Each input is assigned
to a keyboard key and to a mouse movement/clicks. Connect an object to
an input so that object can function as a keyboard/mouse.

There is no need to install a driver or software. Just connect, build
your cir¬cuit and try out your ideas.

Basic concepts for Croc & Play to work properly

Three conditions need to be fulfilled in order for your Croc & Play
circuit to function:

* 1.- All connected objects must be conductive.
* 2.- The circuit must have a starting point and an ending point.
* 3.- The circuit is activated when the starting point and ending
point connect to each other.
A conductive material is one that can transmit energy, such as
electricity. Some examples of conductive materials: metallic objects,
organic objects (for example: our body, fruits or plants), graphite,
water (non-distilled), etc.

In order for the electricity to travel through the circuit it is
required that it has a starting point (conductive material) and an
ending point, and that all ob¬jects in the path are connected. To
end/close the circuit is named “Ground”. You must always
“Ground” your circuit for it to work. To activate the circuit, you
have to touch simultaneously its starting point and its ending point.

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